Conditional Deep Convolutional GAN Keras Implementation

Conditional Deep Convolutional GAN Keras Implementation

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In this really short post I will show the overall architecture and the results of a Conditional DCGAN. There are several tutorials and explanations for GANs, so the intention with post is just to showcase the results and share the code.

Implementation can be found here

Why is it conditional?

Because we are using an extra piece of class information besides the random noise input. That means we can control the class of the generated image based on a input label.



Generator $G(z, c)$

The input for the generator is a noise vector $z \in N(0, 1)$ and a condition vector $c$ which describes the label which we want to generate. With $c$ the $G(z, c)$ model will learn the conditional distribution of the data.

Discriminator $D(X, c)$

The goal of the discriminator is to decide if the input image with the condition vector $c$ came from the original dataset or from $G$.


Generated digits at every epoch:

Generated MNIST Characters

Linear interpolation results:

Interpolation animationInterpolation animationInterpolation animation

Gábor Vecsei

Gábor Vecsei

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